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Residential Decks

Having a deck at your home doesn’t just add value to the property but also helps you to expand your vital space and have an area where you can relax and spend time with family and friends.
There are several reasons why you should opt for a deck, for example:

It adds value to your property.

It’s perfect for friend and family reunions.

It gives you time spent in the fresh air which you will enjoy.

We complete our projects on time for a fair price!

Once we have agreed upon a price and have our permits ready, we GET TO WORK!

Would you like to see how your project would turn out?


We show you the 3D sketches so that you can see your project BECOME A REALITY!

WHen you contract our services, we do everything possible to give you the best attention, which is why we follow a step by step process in which we analyze the project of your dreams with you.


From the beginning, one of our experts goes to the property to analyze everything that is necessary to begin. We offer you different options, so that you can choose what you like the most. We know that you will always want what is best, which is why we work side by side with you to make your project a reality.


Once you decide what you want, we explain everything you need to understand in regard to the materials and completion time involved. Afterwards, we send you a 3D design so that you can visualize how the finished work will turn out. Once you give us the go-ahead, we GET TO WORK!


Some types of fences are subject to HOA permission

Residential Fences

With our wooden fences, you will have a space with comfort, security, quality and durability!

Wooden fences are the most common in the industry since, not only are they stylish but they also have accessible pricing. This is one of the preferred materials by Americans since these fences look great with any style of house and can be treated in different colors and textures adding a touch of sophistication to the home.


Keep in mind that these types of fences need maintenance. We recommend wood stain or Trex pain every 2 years. That way, the fence will last much longer and look as though as it was recently constructed.

Steel and Aluminum Fence

Aluminum fences tend to be an excellent option since they are lighter and less expensive to transport. It is also important to know that they never oxidize, which means that they don’t need maintenance. The variety of colors and styles is also one of the benefits of these types of fences.

Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences are made of PVC. This type of fence is shock resistant, and has high durability and impermeability.


This material isn’t the cheapest but it is a long term investment since maintenance costs are minimal. This fence does not oxidize, rot, or peel. You might say that it is the most durable. At the same time, it doesn’t need to be painted or varnished and is easy to wash.

Screened Porch

Having a screened porch has benefits such as increasing the value of your home, as well as adding an extra space to your house which is “outside” but in which you don’t have to deal with sun or insect. This type of construction will be beneficial depending upon your social activities, whether with friends or family.


Maintains insects away from your home, even while you enjoy fresh air.

An open air space which is perfect for children, even on rainy days.

Increases the value of your property.

You can get together in this space and put all types of entertainment that you would like inside of it without worrying about the elements.

It can be perfect for people who enjoy moments alone in peace and quiet, since you can close it off from the inside of your house.


HOA permission should be solicited by the client

Some people live in houses that are part of some HOA (Homeowners administration). If you would like to build an “outdoor” project such as fences, decks, a screened porch or other structures, it is necessary for you to check which HOA rules apply to you since you will need the approval of the Architectural Review Committee.
(Architectural Review Committee).

What should you know?

The HOA usually asks you to fill out a form describing the project along with details about the construction. This includes materials, colors, and lighting sketches, among other things.


This process is different for all HOAs. Because of this process you should keep in mind more or less when you would like to begin construction.


R: With stain or paint every 2 years.

R: No, only the construction of Decks and Screened porches increase the value of a property.

R: They are all good quality, but that which needs the least maintenance is vinyl, because of its make up.
R: From 4 to 8 days once permission is up to date.

-30% when you sign the contract
-Another 50% when the work begins
-20% once the work is finished

R: Not at all. Prices vary based on the project and materials, and not on the distance.

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